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John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audiobook

John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audiobook

John Pontius - Visions of Glory Audio Book Free
Visions of Glory Audiobook

I resisted reviewing Visions of Glory for quite some time. After checking out various other books by Sibling John, (as he would accept his blog site), as well as having several close friends advise it, I can no longer place it off. The insights acquired from reading this publication have actually been practically frustrating. Whether you discover the story believable or otherwise, it definitely offers one something to ponder.

It is important to remember that these visions were specific to a single person and not intended to be pythonic or supersede any counsel from LDS General Authorities. Visions of Glory Audiobook Free. I did locate however, my mind was opened to a far better understanding of certain principles and bibles. This has actually resulted in lots of personal meditations and understandings concerning our function in life.

Always follow the living prophet! Look for individual revelation! Live righteously! As well as, recognize the well worth of a soul is fantastic! I extremely suggest this book!I was really essential of this book, in the beginning … yet I allowed myself to review it (listened to audiobook) just as somebody’s story, as well as not an attempt to create a brand-new revelation, or a scripture, but just a vision of the bro, who was attempting to show the world concerning their life and the visions that they have experienced. This publication influenced me as though my love for the Rescuer has expanded considering that and this vision kind of became my own. Being a church participant, a lot of points really felt really close to my heart. I wasn’t certain, at first, if I ought to take any of that to heart, but I prayed to Heavenly Papa and also obtained some amazing ideas with the writer’s tale.

The 2nd Upcoming of the Lord currently seems much more realistic and also a lot of occasions explained in this book seem really extremely possible. However, I don’t think that anybody must take any one of these as direct events and also facts that will take place in particularly the same ways. The “Later” discusses that several of the occasions change from fact to an allegory as well as this modification is recurring. I suggest this publication! if you are not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, try to read this without prejudice, if you are a member, ask God for advice as well as some amazing things may be opened to you.What an incredible publication!! While it’s an account of one guy’s individual experience and also visions it is interesting to read what he saw and also experienced. It really is an eye opener as well as puts points in an entire new perspective to a few of the ‘behind the scenes’ things we don’t usually see, listen to or realize exists and also to what degree and in that sort of detail.

There is no doubt in my mind this man experienced these points, that has been validated to me and I value him sharing this for those who prepare to listen to as well as gain from it. I enjoy that he intends to stay unknown to keep the ’15 minutes. of fame’ off of him for various, ethical factors as well as keep it where we know it belongs to. He recognizes his location as well as makes it clear he’s not trying to end up being over anything. That’s a modest male and also a real devotee of Christ.Really intriguing read of one guy’s near death experience, time in the spiritual dimension, and also visions of what he saw occurring in the last days. The idea of “portals” is a little far-fetched, yet aside from that, a lot of this sits very well with how I envision the saints being cleansed as well as raised to an earthbound degree, fit to stay in Zion with Christ.

Much too many individuals believe this is sibling John Pontius’ blogging about his own experience. This is not. This is John carefully editing the experiences of “Spencer”, John’s buddy as well as the confidential topic of this publication. If you want to experience John’s charming, light-filled, motivating words, aim to his various other publications. I very advise “Following the Light of Christ into His Visibility”; it changed my life and also was a driver for my conversion to Christ. John Pontius – Visions of Glory Audio Book Download. Can’t say with this book, as I am a follower in wonders and also understand that God overviews those who call upon Him. This book has aided me to redouble my efforts as well as priorities. Truly start to see the satisfaction of the prediction made by Joel, “And it will come to pass later, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your children and your little girls will forecast, your old men shall dream dreams, your boys shall see visions: And additionally upon the servants as well as upon the handmaids in those days will certainly I pour out my spirit.” As constantly, check out from the best books and listen to as well as follow the spirit and the contemporary prophet.