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Arthur C. Clarke – 2001 Audiobook

Arthur C. Clarke – 2001 Audiobook

Arthur C. Clarke - 2001 Audio Book Free
2001 Audiobook

The Kindle version of this book was easily formatted without any obvious typos, making this an enjoyable reading experience in portrait setting. I did see there were some issues with not permitting columns for reading in landscape setting on my iPad, however I like portrait setting to reading as well as it was fine with that.

Onto the real publication:

Having actually seen the film 2001: A Space Odyssey years earlier as well as being blown away by just how effective it was, as well as additionally a little bit frightened by it. I enjoyed the method it told a story without always clarifying everything, and really enabling one’s very own creative imagination to fill in a few of the voids. 2001 Audiobook Free. Recognizing that there was additionally an unique, I had constantly wanted to read it, however never got around to it … upon seeing this Kindle variation on sale, I decided to try.

First of all, it was extremely fascinating reading Arthur C. Clarke’s intro at the beginning. Occasionally I don’t like reviewing such introductions since they either somewhat ruin the book you’re about to check out or don’t add a lot, yet this set was an intriguing read for a person that had seen the film yet not yet review the novel. I really did not understand that both the movie script and also book were composed at the same time … making this an extremely special pair as usually one comes before the other … so although this isn’t a story that merely came before a film like many are, or a novelization of a movie that had been made (which is commonly not worth the time of day to check out), it is a novel created by a wonderful science fiction writer influenced by the collaboration of writing the movie script with Stanley Kubrick.

Much of guide is very comparable to the movie, yet the way it is composed adds lots of information without being bogged down … this is an extremely fast-paced read. The writing is concentrated on the big picture much more so than the characters, however the major personalities associated with each specific section obtain fleshed out all right that it is really gripping to review.

Being written before we would certainly ever also came down on the moon, it’s fantastic just how well this tale stands the test of time. I appreciate tales involving room travel as well as a lot of times the age something is created can occasionally take you out of the tale by laughable concepts or dated scientific research. The sensation I obtained from this reading was that it clarified things in such a way that don’t date the innovation being discussed in any way that damages the overall tale. Although 2001 is 14 years before the writing of this testimonial as well as plainly many of the innovations as well as events leading up to this particular tale have not happened yet or are different than real history, it is remarkable on some of things that belong to our truth currently … past that, this is full of what ifs related to our very own presence within a vast world.

I certainly suggest this reading, whether or not you’ve seen the movie and whether you intend to read the remainder of the series. I likely will at some point, however this book is excellent as a stand-alone title.After remembering the movie, which I saw when I was really young, as well as did not comprehend in any way, and also having a very dull summertime, I determined to get this publication to review a tale that I frequently bore in mind, however did never recognize. Nevertheless, I got guide, as well as never ever got around to reading it till the end of July, where I read in small increments, and completed in October.
Being something I often kept in mind, reading this tale reconnected me to several things I “unconsciously” kept from when I saw the motion picture, such as the change of among the primary characters, David Bowman, into the Starchild, which was a change, along with name, I bore in mind for some time, but not quite certain where it came from. However, after ultimately completing the book, I would certainly say this book certainly surpassed my childhood’s loosened interpretation of the tale, and also surpassed my assumptions in just about every way. Returning to the transformation of Bowman right into the Starchild, a good example of this publication’s quality, Bowman, who has been just one of the primary characters throughout the tale, ends the story with one last act of characterization that links his entire personality together, coming to be the Starchild, which is a very good end to his story after finally defeating the evergrowingly sentient AI that has control over his ship, along with receiving the true function of the objective that was provided to him quickly prior to his improvement. Overall, I would suggest this publication to anybody, of any type of age, as long as character deaths, and also possibly even seriously deep thought of our cosmos, is alright, that is seeking a piece to check out that is really satisfying, and advertises reasoning, along with people, like myself, who take pleasure in sci-fi as well as space exploration.Arthur C. Clarke – 2001 Audio Book Online. Big suggestions, solid personalities, as well as a wonderfully articulated story; this is everything the unbelievable motion picture was and also far more. Guide takes care of several enigmas that the movie intentionally holds back from the audience, and also in my point of view it produced a much more natural story. The viewpoint as well as subjects in 2001: A Space Odyssey appear to come to be extra relevant as time marches on.